Any tasks currently performed in your office can be performed by your own OOS staffers for less than you will find ANYWHERE else.

  • Facebook/Twitter Posting
  • Customer Follow Up Calls
  • Handle Customer Service
  • Processing Orders
  • Tech Support
  • Data Entry
  • Email Marketing
  • Blog Posting/Marketing
  • Personal Assistant
  • Phone Reception
  • Appt. Confirmation Calls
  • Internet Marketing
  • Ad Posting
  • Database Compiling
  • Lead Validation
  • Internet Research
  • Public Record Search
  • Bookeeping
  • Payment Reminder Calls
  • Website Updating
  • Monitor Live Chat
  • Email Inquiry Reply
  • MLS Research
  • Back Office Support
  • Sale Announcement Calls
  • Fax / Email “Drip” Marketing
  • Distribute Info Packages
  • Harvest Emails from Web
  • Screen Phone Calls
  • Lead List Scrubbing

And ANYTHING else that is currently done in your own office. Outsourcing works. That is why nearly every large company in the U.S. uses it to some extent.

How We Work - Examples

1 A large law firm in West Palm Beach, Florida has 3 full-time staffers with us. Their OOS staffers perform public records searches which can take up to an hour each to complete and save the valuable time of their paralegals and legal secretaries. They have had the same group of staffers since 2008 and by now those staffers have become absolute experts on executing searches on the State of Florida databases. This type of experience and specialization would be difficult to achieve in the U.S. where the turnover at lower-level positions is high. And of course the savings are substantial. At $2.90 per hour for an OOS staffer versus $12 per hour for a legal assistant, plus another 25% for taxes, benefits and other expenses, the monthly savings on three full time employees is about 80% or OVER $6,000. That is not to say we replace all the legal assistants in their office. We just complement them by taking a lot of the repetitive and tedious work off their plate so they can focus the higher-level functions. This makes the entire organization more efficient and productive.

2 A real estate investment partnership in Clearwater, Florida has one part-time OOS staffer who designs and prepares mass direct mailings to home owners that might be interested in selling their homes. One of the partners used to do the mailings himself occupying almost 20 hours per week of his valuable time with tedious repetitive work. His total weekly cost is just $102. Surely this business owner’s time is worth more than just $4 or $5 an hour.

3 A turf chemical company in Chicago, Illinois has one full-time OOS staffer monitor their online marketing efforts daily. She manages their Craigslist posting, Facebook updating and other small jobs. This was something that they used to handle in-house but it kept getting put off. By having a dedicated OOS staffer give their online campaigns 100% of their attention, all day, every day, they are seeing much better results. There is no substitute for having a dedicated staffer whose sole responsibility is to perform a specific function and accomplish a goal. At OOS’s extremely low rates you can afford to give your opportunities the attention they merit.

4 A medical claims law office in Pompano Beach, Florida has two full-time staffers exclusively making calls to claim adjusters at large car insurance firms. Our client has to compile accident claim information for hospitals. Calling the large auto insurance companies and navigating their automated phone tree systems to get to the correct adjuster can take up to an hour for each file, overwhelming their in-house office staff with tedious hours spent waiting on hold. Their OOS staff benefits them in several ways. By doing nothing but these calls for a couple of years, these staffers have become expert at this very specific function. Nothing gets overlooked and the staffers are better at clearing these calls than anybody at the client’s own office due to their thousands of hours of experience. The client’s in-house secretaries and assistants can concentrate on more important business. The client also does not have to add space or personnel during the busier season. They just add a couple of temps to their OOS staff which are brought onto the team and trained by us. The client does not have to waste precious time recruiting, interviewing, vetting, training, hosting and supervising. Also, zero H.R. liabilities. All of this, once again, for only $2.90 - $3.80 per hour.

5 An online education company in Buffalo, N.Y. has 3 full-time staffers who monitor inbound inquiries that come in off of their websites and call the prospects to verify their information before submitting the leads to the client’s enrollment consultants. The online education field is extremely competitive. If a potential customer fills out an online inquiry on one site, they are likely to have inquired on various sites. So once the inquiry comes in, the race is on to get them engaged and provide them the information they are looking for before the competition does. By hiring an OOS team of staffers, our client can afford to have someone monitoring the site for inbound inquiries constantly and immediately call the prospect to get them begun in the enrollment process. Using low-cost remote staffing lets you leverage your client acquisition budget in a much more aggressive way.


FULL scalability is perhaps the greatest advantage of hiring OOS as your remote staffing partner, second only to cost savings. You can hire as few as just one staffer for as little as 4 hours per day. So no matter how small your business is we can help you grow and as you grow you can add as many staffers as you need quickly and without the costs and liability of adding them in-house.

Complement Your Existing In-House Staff

Your OOS staffers are not necessarily meant to replace your existing in-house office staff, but rather to complement them by taking many of the repetitive daily tasks that eat up much of their time off their hands, freeing them to concentrate on the more important functions that must be run in-house. Eliminate the clutter that is slowing down your company!

FREE Live Chat For Your Website

Having a live chat support window available on your website increases sales and conversions - estimates range anywhere from 15% to as high as 300%. Live chat also makes your site easier to use for customers, more engaging or “stickier” and increases the overall value of the customer's visit to your site - and their impression of your company as well. When you hire a full-time staffer with OOS we provide you with a turnkey, hosted chat support window for your website, FREE OF CHARGE. And you can then have your OOS staffer monitor it throughout the day to respond to any inquiries that come in. If your site is not very busy they can do that while they are completing their usual tasks for you.


With our on-demand network, you can monitor your staffers online continuously. Just click and talk with them live instantly or type-chat with them in real time.You can have unlimited crystal-clear conference calls or video conference calls with them anytime at ZERO extra cost. Of course, you can also assign them their set tasks daily or weekly and they will work independently, under our supervision, and deliver the finished work to you on time, daily. We can also purchase for them a phone number with your local area code if you need for just a few extra dollars per month.

Eliminate ALL Misc Costs

Not only do our rates save you 60-80% on the hourly wages you would pay for staff time in your own office, but you avoid the payroll taxes, insurance, legal liability and other expenses involved in hiring, equipping, hosting and supervising your own workers directly. Also eliminate the disruption that happens when you lose one of your in-house staffers. No need to interrupt your office work to recruit, train and integrate a new staffer. We do everything for you.


Your team is fully equipped, including unlimited calling into the US and Canada at no extra cost to you.

No-Obligation Consultation

Not sure if having an outsourced staff is for you? Call our account director Leo Clavel and discuss it. We have lots of experience dealing with first-time outsourcing clients. You describe what you are looking to have done and we can let you know what to expect and also maybe find other ways in which your own OOS staff can ease the workload in your office for as little as $2.90 an hour.


It is not difficult, we make setting your team up simple and painless. Do not put it off. Get set up in just a few days!!