Full-Time Staffers (Team of 6 or more): $2.90 per hour
Full-Time Staffers (Team of 3 or more): $3.55 per hour
Full-Time Staffers (Less than 3): $3.80 per hour
Part-Time Staffers (22 hours per week): $4.40 per hour

Hours can be scheduled in any manner that fits your needs.
There is a small hosting fee of $14 per week for PT and $18 per week for FT.
Hosting fee covers facility costs, equipment, supervision, payroll taxes, phone time, etc
There are no long-term contracts. We work month-to-month.
There are no set-up fees.
Call our account director, Leo Clavel, with any questions.


A full time OOS staffer vs. an additional staffer at $8.75/hr (just $1 over minimum wage) can save you over $1,000 per month. In fact, you could hire a team of three full-time OOS staffers and still not reach what one additional in-house employee would cost you.

That is not counting the costs of hiring, training and integrating a new staffer. Nor does it take into account the cost of attrition, or HR liabilities.